Infrastructure as a Service bundle: ISONI


ISONI (Intelligent Service Oriented Network Infrastructure) is an IaaS environment consisting of a network of resources (e.g. CPU, storage, software) managed and controlled by a middleware which allows resource sharing among multiple services. The general idea is to provide QoS capable infrastructure resources on demand for dynamically deployed services.

ISONI provides fully virtualized resources and QoS guarantees as required by interactive real-time applications, as well as discovery, advanced resource reservation and allocation of resources.

ISONI is considered to be one of the main IRMOS exploitable items. ISONI provides a cloud infrastructure as a service, offering computing, storage as well as networking as a service.

Following the individual interests and exploitation plans of the involved partners, ISONI will be released through a mix of open source components and components under proprietary license.


Bundle Main Building Blocks:

Building Blocks Description Key Documents and Links Open Source / Contact Point
ISONI Management System The ISONI Management contains the Virtual Service Network Description OWL, the ISONI Info System, the ISONI SLA Manager (Open Source), and the Deployment Manager. ISONI White Paper

IRMOS_WP6_D6_4_2_V1_0 "Final version of Real-Time Architecture of the Execution Environment".

Publications related to the ISONI SLA Manager:

1. Gallizo, G., Kuebert, R., Katsaros, G., Oberle, K., Satzke, K., Gogouvitis, S., Oliveros, E., A Service Level Agreement Management Framework for Real-time Applications in Cloud Computing Environments, to appear in Proceedings of the 2nd International ICST Conference on Cloud Computing (CloudComp 2010), Barcelona, Spain, October 26-28, 2010 2. Kuebert, R., Gallizo, G., Oberle, K., Oliveros, E., Enhancing the SLA Framework of a Virtualized Service Platform by dynamic re-negotiation, to appear in Proceedings of the eChallenges 2010 Conference, Warsaw, Poland, October 27-29, 2010 3. Gallizo, G., Kuebert, R., Oberle, K., Menychtas, A., Konstanteli, K., Service Level Agreements in Virtualised Service Platforms, Proceedings of the eChallenges 2009 Conference (eChallenges 2009, Istanbul, Turkey, October 2008), IIMC International Information Management Corporation, 2009, ISBN: 978-1-905824-13-7

Video describing the main ISONI principles and features.
Open Source Items:

Contact us
Roland Kuebert

Proprietary Items:
Klaus Satzke
ISONI Network Includes the virtualization and management functionality of the network resource, including the Path Manager and the ISONI eXchange Box (IXB). ISONI White Paper

IRMOS_WP7_D7_2_2_v1_0 "Final Version of Path Management Architecture"

IRMOS_WP7_D7_3_2_v1_0 "Final Version of Flow Control Architecture"

IRMOS_WP7_4_2_v1_0 "Final Version of Path Supervision Architecture"

Video describing Network Part of ISONI
Proprietary Contact:
Klaus Satzke
ISONI Execution Environment Includes the functionality required for the complete virtualization and the management of the processing/compute resource. This also includes the ISONI VMU factory, the Realtime CPU Scheduler for the Linux kernel, the Resource Manager and the Execution Environment Controller. ISONI White Paper

IRMOS_WP6_D6_4_2_V1_0 "Final version of Real-Time Architecture of the Execution Environment"

Demo Video describing ISONI incl. Execution environment

IRMOS Temporal Isolation Concurrent VMUs
Proprietary Items:
Klaus Satzke

Open Source Items:
Tommaso Cucinotta
ISONI Storage Includes the functions required for the complete virtualization and management of the storage resource, including Storage Manager and Storage QoS Manager. ISONI Storage Whitepaper

IRMOS_WP6_D6_4_2_V1_0 "Final version of Real-Time Architecture of the Execution Environment"

Video describing ISONI Storage
Proprietary (XY contact)

For more information please contact Xyratex here

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