Software-as-a-Service Offerings


In principle, all Future Internet applications are suitable to be executed in a cloud-based environment as they are, without any kind of adaptation or modification. Nevertheless, the concrete characteristics of IRMOS, mainly focused on providing infrastructure with Quality of Service guarantees, request specific steps to be performed on the applications side in order to exploit the maximum of the platform offerings. To this direction, IRMOS provides a Methodology and Supporting Tools for creating or adapting interactive multimedia applications for virtualized service infrastructures along with an Application Wrapper for service-oriented applications. The Supporting Tools mainly refer to a Service Modeling Environment, an open source tool that contains a profile for modeling application service components using UML2; and a Benchmarking Environment enabling application service components benchmarking under different resource configurations. These tools are included in the Service Engineering bundle - more information can be found here.

Building Blocks Description Key Documents and Links Open Source / Contact Point
Methodology Methodology for application development, description, modeling and packaging of application service components, definition of functional parameters and application requirements Kyriazis D, Einhorn R, Furst L, Braitmaier M, Lamp D, Konstanteli K, Kousiouris G, Menychtas A, Oliveros E, Loughran N, Nasser B, “A Methodology for engineering real-time interactive multimedia applications on Service Oriented Infrastructures”, IADIS Applied Computing, Timisora, Romania, 2010 Stefan Waldschmidt
Dimosthenis Kyriazis
Wrapper Service Service enabling service-oriented applications to be executed on cloud-based environments D8.4.1 - The IRMOS Toolbox Description Spyridon Gogouvitis
Application Scripts Scripts enabling configuration, monitoring and control of application service components D8.4.1 - The IRMOS Toolbox Description Spyridon Gogouvitis

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